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ITSO ensures that Intelsat, Ltd. provides international public telecommunications services for high-quality and reliable voice, data, video communications and Internet access services, in conformity with the following core principles:

  • Maintaining global connectivity and global coverage for any country or territory that desires to connect with any other country or territory, within and between the five regions of the Americas, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.
  • Providing public telecommunications services, including capacity and price protection guarantees, to customers identified as, and connecting with, "Lifeline Connectivity Obligation” (“LCO”) customers.
  • Pliroviding domestic public telecommunications services for any country with areas separated by geographic areas not under its jurisdiction, areas separated by the high seas, or areas that are not linked by any terrestrial wideband facilities and which are separated by natural barriers of such an exceptional nature that they impede the establishment of terrestrial wideband facilities; and
  • Ensuring non-discriminatory access to Intelsat, Ltd. communications system.
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