The mission of the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO) is to:
  • Act as the supervisory authority of Intelsat, S.A.;
  • Ensure the performance of Core Principles for the provision of international public telecommunications services, with high reliability and quality;
  • Promote international public telecommunications services to meet the needs of the information and communication society; and
  • Protect the Parties' Common Heritage

The Core Principles of the Organization include:

  • Maintaining global connectivity and global coverage for any country or territory that desires to connect with any other country or territory within and between the five regions of America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.
'Public telecommunications services,'as defined in the Agreement, means 'fixed or mobile telecommunications services which can be provided by satellite and which are available for use by the public such as telephony, telegraphy, telex, facsimile, data transmission, transmission of radio and television programs between approved earth stations having access to the Company's space segment for further transmission to the public, and leased circuits for any of these purposes; but excluding those mobile services of a type not provided under the Interim Agreement and the Special Agreement prior to the opening for signature of this Agreement, which are provided through mobile stations operating directly to a satellite which is designed, in whole or in part, to provide services relating to the safety or flight control of aircraft or to aviation or maritime radio navigation.
  • Providing public telecommunications services, including capacity and price protection guarantees, to customers identified as, and connecting with, "Lifeline Connectivity Obligation" ('LCO') customers.
  • Providing domestic public telecommunications services between areas separated by geographic areas not under the jurisdiction of the State concerned, between areas separated by the high seas, or between areas that are not linked by any terrestrial facilities and which are separated by natural barriers of such an exceptional nature that they impede the establishment of terrestrial facilities; and
  • Ensuring non-discriminatory access to Intelsat, Ltd.'s communications system.

'In accord with its mission, the Organization encourages the creation of a favorable technical and regulatory environment for commercial satellite communications. The Organization coordinates its actions with other intergovernmental organizations such as the ITU, regional telecommunications organizations, as well as telecommunications operators and their associations.

Goals and Objectives (2008-2013)

The Thirty-Second Meeting of the Assembly of Parties (AP-32) in October 2008 approved "ITSO's Goals and Objectives (2008-2013)" (Attachment No.1 to document AP-32-18), as a basis for a Strategic Plan for ITSO.  The Thirty-Fourth meeting of the Assembly in June 2010 adopted the Strategic Plan for ITSO (as contained in document AP-34-16).

  • OBJECTIVE 1:   Maintain the continuity of the provision of public telecommunications satellite services. 


  • OBJECTIVE  2:     Protect the Common Heritage orbital locations and associated frequency assignments.


  • OBJECTIVE  3:    Contribute to the promotion of a global information and communications infrastructure.

Mission and Role

The mission of the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO) is to:
act as the supervisory authority of Intelsat, Ltd.
ensure the performance of Core Principles for the provision of international public...

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Strategic Plan

Given ITSO’s vision that the Organization will continue to be the place where developed and developing countries can feel confident in expressing their views and in considering actions that will reduce the digital (broadband) divide; considering its mission...

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