The following are "ITSO RESTRICTED" documents that are only available to ITSO Party representatives. These documents may be downloaded from the restricted area of ITSOs website. Click here to login. You will require a username and password. 

Quarterly Reports

  • Quarterly Report (July-November 2001)
  • Quarterly Report (December 2001-March 2002)
  • Quarterly Report (July-September 2002)
  • Quarterly Report (October 2002-March 2003)
  • Quarterly Report (April 2003-June 2003)
  • Quarterly Report (July 2003-December 2003)
  • Quarterly Report (January 2004-September 2004)
  • Quarterly Report (October 2004-December 2004)

Mission and Role

The mission of the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO) is to:
act as the supervisory authority of Intelsat, Ltd.
ensure the performance of Core Principles for the provision of international public...

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Strategic Plan

Given ITSO’s vision that the Organization will continue to be the place where developed and developing countries can feel confident in expressing their views and in considering actions that will reduce the digital (broadband) divide; considering its mission...

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Member Counters