ITSO's mission is derived from the ITSO Agreement, which in essence mandates the Organization to supervise Intelsat, Ltd according to some specific provisions. The Agreement requires that ITSO ensure Intelsat's peformance of the Core Principles, namely to maintain global connectivity and global coverage, to serve its lifeline connectivity customers, and to provide non-discriminatory access to the Intelsat system. As part of the fulfillment of its mission, ITSO believes that it is vital to create conditions that support and enable member States to more effectively achieve the goals stated in their respective ICT policies, especially through the use of international public telecommunications services. With that in mind, it is ITSO's belief that providing Capacity building programs to member States will help in creating the necessary conditions for the effective use of international public telecommunications services.

Through the cooperation between ITSO and the ITU Academy, a training program has been developed for two separate courses: one intended for policy makers and regulators, and one intended for other stakeholders, including communications operators.

The partnership between ITSO and ITU to provide satellite communications training to member States was launched during the quadrennial
ITU World Telecommunications Development Conference, 24 May - 4 June 2010, thanks to the shared ideals and goals of ITU Director for Telecommunications Development Bureau, Mr. Sami Al-Basheer and ITSO Director General, Mr José Toscano.

For related information on the Program for Training Sessions on Satellite Communications proposed by IMSO, and ITU Academy and ITSO Partnership (Satellite Communications for Decision Makers and Regulators in Telecom and Satellite Communications for Earth Station Operators and Engineers), please see Assembly of Parties document AP/Inf.34-6E -- Capacity Building Initiative.
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Mission and Role

The mission of the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO) is to:
act as the supervisory authority of Intelsat, Ltd.
ensure the performance of Core Principles for the provision of international public...

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Strategic Plan

Given ITSO’s vision that the Organization will continue to be the place where developed and developing countries can feel confident in expressing their views and in considering actions that will reduce the digital (broadband) divide; considering its mission...

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