ITSO Director General Visits Hungary

On Thursday 17 March 2005 in Budapest, the Director General met with Mr. Mihaly Jambrik, State Secretary of Informatics and Communications of Hungary.

Budapest, 17 March 2005 - At the invitation of the Government of Hungary, Ahmed Toumi, the Director General and Chief Executive Officer of the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO), visited Hungary on 16 and 17 March 2005. During his visit, Toumi met with Mr. Mihaly Jambrik, State Secretary of Informatics and Communications, who was accompanied by Mr. Vari Peter and Dr. Balazs Hetyessy from his staff. In assessing the status of the cooperation between Hungary and ITSO, Jambrik and Toumi expressed their satisfaction. They
further discussed ways to strengthen this cooperation, particularly since the Hungarian government has identified the satellite communications sector as a key component to deploying the telecommunications infrastructure necessary to support innovative ICT applications. In this context, the State Secretary encouraged the Director General to pursue his Global Broadband Satellite Infrastructure (GBSI) Initiative, in order to coordinate efforts to facilitate the emergence of a framework for the mass deployment of inexpensive, broadband satellite Internet services for rural and underserved areas.

Toumi also met with Mr. Ferenc Banhidi, a Member of the Board of the National Communications Authority, the regulatory authority in Hungary, who was accompanied by Dr. Grad Janos and Mr. Laszlo Pados. The meeting focused on the GBSI Initiative and on the actions which are required from the public sector, notably the national regulatory authorities, to allow its early implementation.

Toumi also met with Dr. Tibor Szekelyhidi, the Chief Executive Officer of Hunsat, the Hungarian satellite services provider, who was accompanied by Mr. Imre Duro, Deputy CEO and CTO, and Mr. Tams Egri from the Technical Department. The meeting focused on the state of the satellite industry and the role that satellite technology could play in increasing access to high-speed Internet connections in less developed areas. The Director General encouraged Szekelyhidi to join other members of the satellite private industry sector in supporting and implementing the GBSI Initiative.

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