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The International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO) monitors and interfaces with Intelsat, Ltd., the commercial telecommunications entity it supervises, to ensure the availability of international public telecommunications services to all countries in the world.

The Organization's services are provided to:

Any country or territory that desires to connect to another country or territory, within and between the five regions of America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, to ensure full global satellite coverage and global connectivity.

"Lifeline Connectivity Obligation ("LCO") customers. ITSO enforces a program for "Lifeline Connectivity Obligation ("LCO") customers that provides additional benefits to Intelsat customers in countries meeting certain requirements.

The LCO program, which ends in July 2013, consists of:


Protection against price increases above a 2000 price level reference;


Protection of the satellite capacity used for the LCO program; and
Reduction of prices when the 15% trigger on a Pricing Index is reached. The Pricing Index reflects, on an annual basis, the overall price increases or decreases of Intelsat customers without LCO protection.
"Eligible" LCO customers are those located in "low income" countries, countries with low teledensity and other countries that are dependent on the Intelsat system for access to international telecommunications services. Countries facing emergency conditions (e.g., earthquake, war, etc.) and new countries also are entitled to join the LCO program at any time.

Space capacity and connectivity between organizations in the United Nations also are part of the LCO program.
Telecommunications operators to ensure the fair and equal opportunity to access the Intelsat, Ltd. satellite system. Telecommunications operators may contact ITSO directly, or through their respective governments, in the following cases:
- Denial of access to Intelsat services;
- Insufficient coverage in terms of radiating power or available capacity;
- Continuous degradation of quality of service provided; or
- Pricing discrimination.

ITSO also has the ability to assist in the resolution of disputes between Intelsat, Ltd. and its LCO customers. This assistance includes serving as a formal conciliator to advise customers on methods of dispute resolution, advising customers on the desirability of seeking arbitration, and assisting customers in matters related to arbitration, including the selection of experts and arbitrators.