The mission of the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO) is to: act as the supervisory authority of Intelsat, Ltd.; ensure the performance of Core Principles for the provision of international public telecommunications services, with high reliability and quality; promote international public telecommunications services to meet the needs of the information and communication society; and protect the Parties' Common Heritage. In order for ITSO to fulfill its mission, it is important to create conditions and take actions that support member States so that they can more effectively reach the goals stated in their respective ICT policies. Capacity building is one of the tools which ITSO believes it can offer member States to enable the creation of the necessary conditions for the effective development and use of international public telecommunications services. Capacity Building is also one of the elements of the ITSO Strategic Plan 2008-2013 - with extension through 2014 approved by the Thirty-Fifth Assembly of Parties (AP-35), through which ITSO is offering member States the opportunity to enhance the necessary conditions as well as facilitate development and the effective use of international public telecommunications services.

The partnership between ITSO and ITU to provide satellite communications training to member States was launched during the quadrennial ITU World Telecommunications Development Conference, 24 May - 4 June 2010, thanks to the shared ideals and goals of ITU Director for Telecommunications Development Bureau, Mr. Sami Al-Basheer and ITSO Director General, Mr. José Toscano. To further facilitate the effective implementation of the capacity building program, ITSO has also signed Partnership Agreements with: the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization (CTO), the African Telecommunications Union (ATU), and the East African Communications Organization (EACO). These partnerships provide the framework for co-operation in delivering the Capacity Building Initiative. Whereas with ITU, the program delivery is primarily at the Centers of Excellence, in the case of CTO, the arrangement has been to associate with an identified international CTO event, while for ATU and EACO, a country venue is identified in accordance with their own internal organizational criteria.

The ITSO Executive Organ has developed a training program for three separate courses on satellite communications: one is a combined technical and regulatory course; another one is intended for policy makers and regulators; and one course is for Earth station operators and engineers. As a result of implementation of the Partnerships, more than 500 participants have been trained from 2010 through 2012.

The Capacity Building Initiative has been well received by the membership and has indeed created a new opportunity for knowledge sharing, networking and human resource development for a wide spectrum of technical staff involved with satellite communications. Furthermore, the ongoing efforts to bring in more Partners to work with ITSO, as well as the Resolution 11 by the World Radio Conference 2012 to involve the ITU-R in capacity building development, all point to the importance of this Initiative for the membership.

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