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The ITSO Advisory Committee (IAC) is a consultative body that was established to advise the Director General on any matter on which he requests advice. The IAC is comprised of representatives from 19 of ITSOs 148-member countries, based on geographical representation. The IAC meets twice a year, as determined by the Director General, and may invite other stakeholders, including representatives of bilateral cooperation and development aid agencies, multilateral development institutions, and the telecommunications private sector, to participate in the activities of the IAC.

Participants to the Third Meeting of the Advisory
Committee (IAC-3) Washington, DC, 9-10 March 2004


The current composition of the IAC, as decided by the
28th Assembly of Parties in July 2004, is:

IAC Member Countries (2004-2006)-19 Members
Region A (Americas): 4 seats
Colombia, El Salvador, Jamaica, United States

Region B (Western Europe): 3 seats
France, Germany, United Kingdom

Region C (Eastern Europe): 2 seats
Poland, Russia

Region D (Africa): 5 seats
Gabon, Guinea, Mauritius, Namibia, Tunisia

Region E (Asia and Australasia): 5 seats
China, Iran, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia

Mr. Steven W. Lett from the United States and Mr. Brice Edgard Ponga from Gabon are currently serving as Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively.